Project Summary

After the release of Geoscience BC’s Search III high-resolution magnetic and radiometric data in early 2018, Serengeti staked 8,690ha in 8 properties targeting Cu-Au porphyry and Ni-Co ultramafic style systems. In 2018, we visited each of the properties in order to assess the potential target types and to prioritise them for additional exploration work. Following strong geochemical and mapping results, East Niv, Arjay and West Goldway were selected for further work.

Plans Moving Forward

Serengeti is planning one-week detailed property-wide soil and geological mapping programs for each of East Niv, Arjay and West Goldway in 2019, to develop targets for testing with Induced-Polarisation (IP) later in the summer, and to outline drill targets for possible testing in 2020.


East Niv

East Niv lies along the boundary between Upper Triassic Takla and Early Jurassic Hazelton Group volcanic rocks, approximately 15km northwest of Sustut Cu and the surrounding claims owned by Freeport-McMoRan Inc. Geological mapping and sampling at East Niv in 2018 discovered a large quartz-sericite-pyrite (“QSP”) alteration zone associated with a feldspar porphyry intrusive hosted by mafic flows of the Takla Group. The QSP zone covers an area approximately 1,000m east–west and 1,200m north–south. It was subsequently staked by Serengeti following the initial field program.

Stream sediment values from creeks draining the QSP zone yielded up to 953 ppm Cu immediately above a strong chargeability anomaly identified during a 2011 IP survey. The chargeability response appears to lie within Takla Group rocks immediately below the Hazelton – Takla unconformity south and down-slope from the QSP zone. East Niv is worthy of detailed follow-up considering the apparent association between geological, geochemical and geophysical features, and will be the focus of detailed mapping, sampling and IP in 2019.

A 4-person mapping/sampling crew was mobilized in June 2019 to carry out a 10-12 day program following up on: 1) encouraging soil/stream sediment results from 2018 work, and 2) a newly identified quartz-sericite-pyrite alteration zone which may be associated with strong copper soil/stream sediment results. Selected samples will be analyzed by SWIR (Short-Wave infrared) to develop an alteration map to assist with identifying possible porphyry centres. The objective of the program is to generate targets for follow-up IP and to advance them to the drill-ready stage.


Arjay is located approximately 45km south-southeast of Centerra Gold’s Kemess project within a wedge of basaltic rocks of the Upper Triassic Takla Group which is intruded by Early Jurassic quartz-diorite plutons. Reconnaissance mapping and sampling in 2018 yielded encouraging results, including 3 samples with highly elevated Cu and Ag from a quartz–Cu-sulphide-oxide vein stockwork zone hosted within hematized mafic agglomerates of the upper Takla Group, likely representing the Takla – Hazelton unconformity zone. A disrupted, highly magnetic zone occurs at Arjay which may represent hydrothermal alteration of magnetite-bearing volcanic host rocks, possibly associated with the observed mineralization.  A 7-10 day mapping and sampling program is planned for summer 2019, which may be followed up with a wide-spaced IP geophysical survey to potentially identify drill targets for future testing.

West Goldway

West Goldway is located 15km west of Serengeti’s Croy-Bloom property and straddles the terrane-bounding Ingenika fault with volcanic rocks of the Hazelton and Takla Groups on the west and east sides, respectively. West Goldway is near the intersection of several large fault structures and geological suture zones are clearly visible in magnetic data at the regional scale. A strong magnetic anomaly occurs in the valley bottom immediately adjacent to the Ingenika fault and strong Cu results from local stream sediments require follow-up. Serengeti is planning a reconnaissance surface sampling and IP survey over West Goldway in 2019 in an effort to generate drill targets.       


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